Through the years, I've had the pleasure of working with and helping many. Here are personal shares from a few ...

"Mark has a very thorough and informed nutritional perspective. Before meeting with him and then receiving his research-based report, I had been frustrated by all the different information I was seeing on various complementary therapies and nutritional approaches to healing.  Mark presented the research on cancer, nutrition and herbal medicine in a very coherent and compelling way, and when I left his office, I felt a genuine sense of hope.  Since my diagnosis of ovarian cancer over five years ago, I feel that my health and healing journey have been greatly enhanced by his overall approach to wellness and stress reduction, which provide me with a consistent level of high energy throughout the day.  Many people I meet have a difficult time understanding how I have stuck with the plant-based diet for such a long time.  My answer is simple: I feel so good that there is no reason to head down any other path."

— D. Calleson-Hillsborough, NC

"Since working with Mark, my life has been totally transformed.  I recovered from major surgery faster than any of my physicians thought possible.  In just a few months, I experienced a huge improvement in my total health – including more energy and resilience, better digestion, rejuvenating sleep, and greater overall vitality.   I have remained cancer-free now eight years after a difficult diagnosis.  Mark’s work as a healing coach is amazing."

— R. Fromm, Raleigh, NC

"I couldn’t walk before I came to Mark for his health coaching expertise, and my sleep and energy were suffering terribly. I had been scheduled for knee surgery but decided to postpone the operation.  Now two three later, I’m walking, going up and down steps without pain, and haven’t needed surgery.  My energy and balance are so much better, and I’m doing so much more than I’ve been able to do in many years.  Thanks to Mark’s coaching and herbal supplement suggestions, I feel I have a new lease on life."

— L. Dillon, Chapel Hill, NC

"After a diagnosis of advanced lung cancer, I followed Mark’s suggestions for healing lifestyle changes for over a year.  During that time my lung cancer has either remained about the same level or even slightly improved, according to CAT scans.  My oncologist says I have responded to my chemo treatments far better than he expected with my type of lung cancer.  He knows that I am taking Mark’s suggested supplements and, although he was originally opposed to the idea, he now encourages me to keep doing whatever I’m doing.  I am deeply grateful to Mark for his coaching and I would fully recommend him to anyone who is looking for research-based answers in the realm of nutritional oncology."

— P. Wendell, Boynton Beach, Florida

"The problem started when I noticed my energy and sleep were getting worse, and I was starting to put on pounds.  I went to get my thyroid checked and was told that I had low thyroid functioning, and medications were prescribed.  However, with Mark’s research-based guidance and working closely with my physician, I was able to transition off the medications.  My last thyroid test came back completely normal!  So, getting off the prescription meds and following Mark’s supplement suggestions worked!   It took a few months, but I’m feeling much better and sleeping better too."

— E. Kinsinger, Cary, NC

"I recently underwent chemotherapy and had no side effects, other than some hair loss.  I attribute my very positive experience with chemo to Mark’s research-based nutritional and herbal suggestions, which helped strengthen and maintain my immune system and entire body before and during the treatments.  Thanks to Mark’s seasoned guidance, I am feeling and functioning much better than I could have ever anticipated."

— J. Bragdon, Hartland, Vermont

"I am a nurse practitioner and came to Mark after experiencing head tremors for several months.  Several physicians had told me the only way to eliminate or diminish these tremors would be to take strong medications that could have many side effects.  I had no desire to experience those side effects, so I opted to postpone taking that route.  Mark came highly recommended by several medical professionals.  Since implementing his suggestions, I have gone for extended periods of time with no tremors whatsoever and am healthier than ever.  Mark’s level of education, research and work background all make him superior in his field of expertise.  Through his skillful approach and extensive knowledge, he has supported me in vastly improving my health and wellbeing.  Mark has also supported many of my clients and improved the quality of their lives during health challenges, helping to bring them back to good health.  Because of my personal experience with Mark, I am very confident as I introduce him to my clients who are looking to transform their health for the better."

— L. Essa, Raleigh, NC

"Mark was instrumental in getting my teen daughter Alexa on the road to health after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.  He and his team at the Carolina Center placed Alexa on a nutritional regimen that included supplements to specifically help heal her body after two and a half years of being misdiagnosed.  I will always look to Mark with any questions or concerns that I have with my family’s health."

— L. Hostetler Cary, NC

"Mark was very helpful in guiding me into a highly effective weight loss program.  He is the most knowledgeable nutrition expert and talented health coach I have ever met.  He knows both how the body actually works and how best to support it.  I highly recommend Mark."

— J. Jubelirer, Chapel Hill, NC