Creating Harmony Within


The human body is the place where the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being all come together to create and sustain personal wellness. Optimal health is a state of high-level wellness, aliveness, balance and resilience. Healing, in contrast, is a dynamic process that encompasses both the physical and non-physical domains.

The deeper meaning of healing is that of creating a harmonious balance within by opening to deeper levels of reality and experience.  The process entails a conscious movement toward this balance—whether you are dealing with physical illness, emotional conflict, relationship challenges, or a work-related disturbance of some kind.


Relaxing and Opening the Body-Mind

Much of what happens when we are in a healing crisis has to do with changing the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us.  Through meditation, breathwork, mindful movement, affirmations, visualization, and releasing techniques, we can deepen our present-moment awareness, and establish new ways of being and relating that help us shift out of patterns of struggle and suffering.

As part of this work, I will teach you some simple yet powerful relaxation techniques that can be readily integrated into your daily life.  Through the practice of letting go of fear and cultivating deep self-compassion, you engender a calmer, more grounded state of being.  In addition, various nutritional and herbal strategies can help you counteract stress and tension while promoting inner peace.


Going Deeper

One of the keys to feeling great on a regular basis is learning how to deeply relax and stay “in the flow” throughout the day—to connect to your entire life with creativity and spaciousness.  One very effective way to attain these goals is by having a regular meditation practice. I see meditation as a way to cultivate inner calm and focus on a regular basis, as well as feeling more “at home” with one’s own mind.

Another effective way to attain the goals mentioned above is Resonant Body Movement, which is something my wife Sabine teaches.  In addition, I teach mindful breathing, mindful movement (based on Tai chi principles), and releasing techniques that can help you let go of fear and further enhance your inner resilience.


My Work as a Healing Coach

Since 2000, I have expanded my focus from health coach to healing coach in order to more fully address the healing domain.  My purpose as a healing coach is to help you connect with your life in ways that lead to a deeper sense of peace and fulfillment.  

If you have questions or would like to schedule a session, please reach out.

© 2017, Mark Nathaniel Mead