Optimal Weight & Body Composition


Are you interested in establishing and maintaining your ideal weight and body composition? For some people, this means putting on more muscle and possibly even gaining weight. For most, however, the goal is to get leaner and lighter, and that means getting rid of excess body fat. For decades, nutritionists believed the best way to lose weight was to eat less and exercise more. However, this clearly is not the key to optimal weight and body composition.

The metabolic linchpin.  Some people are naturally thin, and they remain thin even after eating four to five times more calories than their overweight counterparts.  The secret lies in their metabolism.  Simply put, naturally thin people are at a metabolic advantage compared to overweight people.   What matters here is not the number of calories you consume but what your body does with the calories you consume.  This explains why so many people have trouble losing weight and why it’s far too easy to  regain the weight that you did manage to lose a few weeks earlier.  Three factors determine what happens to the calories you consume:  (1) dietary composition; (2) physical activity; and (3) metabolic efficiency.

Here’s a quick overview:

(1)  Dietary composition.  You need to understand the proper mix of macronutrients—proteins, carbohydrates and fat.   It’s not just about reducing your fat intake or adopting a low-carbohydrate diet.  That’s only a short-term solution.  Just as important as changing the quantity of the macronutrients you consume is learning how to use whole foods and superfood concentrates that satisfy your body’s diverse needs in a high-quality manner.  Specific superfood concentrates, consumed as tasty, easily digested shakes, are an excellent way to nourish your body while also keeping your body-mind happy with fewer calories.

(2)  Physical activity.  The second factor that determines the metabolic fate of your calories is exercise.  Though I do know of one weightloss program that works very well without an exercise component, movement is still essential for overall quality of life and long-term weight control.  I will teach you simple exercises that can be easily integrated into your daily lifestyle.  It’s not just what type of exercise, but also how long and how frequently you exercise.  Exercise at a moderate level of intensity is actually better for weight loss than highly strenuous exercise.  This is especially true for people who are out of shape to begin with.

(3)  Metabolic efficiency.  The final factor for optimal weight control is also the most cutting-edge of the three: How to access the fat on your body and burn it more efficiently to create energy.  Specific supplements have been shown to accelerate the burning of fat and enhance the formation of new muscle.  The most exciting breakthrough in recent years has been the use of certain homeopathic formulas in conjunction with a very low-calorie diet.  Many people are amazed by how good they feel and how much energy they have while on this program.

How we can work together.  Drawing from my graduate training in nutritional biochemistry and health coaching experience at several integrative medicine clinics, I offer personalized coaching to help you develop an optimal approach to transforming your body composition.  At the present time, I am offering sessions out of my home office.  After the initial session, we can do short weekly or biweekly phone sessions to help you stay on track and to fully realize your lean-body goals.  I also work with people via Skype.  

If you have questions or would like to schedule a personal coaching session for creating a leaner and lighter body, please reach out.

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