Restoring the Heart, Revitalizing the Body


This true story was written by a remarkable elderly man named Bill Warren (shown above): In December 2018, at age 91, my legs were swollen, and I was constantly tired and short of breath. The doctors told me I had a serious health challenge involving my heart and lungs. I was extremely weak and needed to be on oxygen every night. It was a stressful time. With my physical capacity at an all-time low, I could not summon the energy, strength and stamina to go up or down stairs, and I no longer wanted to drive or go outside. Most of the time I was either reclining or napping on the couch. All the color in my face was gone. Despite my normally upbeat nature, I was on the verge of giving up hope.

The following month (January 2019), my daughter scheduled an integrative nutrition and health coaching session with Mark. Because I was feeling too exhausted to make the trip to his office in Durham, NC, we scheduled a consultation via Zoom. Mark suggested a nutritional program designed to get my heart and respiratory system back on track. This involved a high-quality plant-based diet, which I started following some of the time soon after we spoke, along with his tailored supplement regimen. I take several prescription meds so Mark made sure his recommendations were compatible with what I was taking. I also notified my doctors of my new supplements to keep them informed. Over time, as my health began to improve, I was able to work with my doctors and wean down on the amounts of some of the prescriptions.  

At the time, my goals were as follows:

  • Improve my oxygen levels and breathe better
  • Reduce the swelling in my legs
  • Improve my circulation, strengthen my legs and walk farther
  • Feel warmer in my hands and feet
  • Improve liquid intake to improve my digestive health.

Mark suggested that I try the Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy-Regulation strategy, also known as BEMER. The objective was to bolster my microcirculation (i.e., capillary health) in order to better support my heart, lungs and whole-body functioning. For 8 minutes twice daily, I laid down on the BEMER mat (also called the B-Body). Mark emphasized drinking water before and after each sessionand to make sure I was well hydrated throughout the day.

The results were amazing. As Mark predicted, my energy returned steadily, as did my old zest for life. Within one month, the color in my face had returned, and the swelling in my legs and feet was greatly diminished.* Six weeks after first getting on the BEMER mat, I was able to go down the stairs on my own and even started running errands. After three months, much to my family’s amazement and my own delight, I was able to go back out in the yard every day.

By the summer of 2019, I even got back on the lawn mower and used my tiller once or twice!  My old joy and energy were back. Not only did I look and feel healthy, but my hands and feet were warmer than they had been before.*  I was able to meet all my personal health goals and could not be happier.

It is now February 2021, and I am 94 years old.  The pandemic has slowed me down some, but I am grateful to have my mobility, and to no longer be suffering from these health challenges.  A few months ago, I told Mark that I probably wouldn't be alive without his recommendations, including the BEMER. I can now get down on the floor and back up again, and I can balance on one leg—both activities that I couldn’t do before starting his plan.* Bemer has been steadily increasing my strength and energy.*  Mark’s guidance and the Bemer have been invaluable!

Please contact Mark directly for information on how to obtain any of the products mentioned above


See this five-minute video showing BEMER’s effects on blood flow in real time, using intravital video-microscopy, along with this 25-minute overview of the science of BEMER. Bottom line is that  a healthy microcirculation is crucial to enhancing the oxygen and nutrient supply to the heart  and lungs, thus restoring and bolstering their functioning.

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and testimonials may not reflect the typical person’s experience and are not intended to represent that anyone will achieve the same results.  BEMER does not provide any medical advice or services. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than as described in the user manual. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.