Integrative Cancer Coaching

Strategic planning to bolster your chances of overcoming cancer and live well in the process

After a diagnosis of cancer, I believe it is essential to consider the biochemical conditions that support the tumor’s growth and spread.  This biochemistry of malignancy can be transformed with the help of specific nutritional, botanical, and lifestyle-related tools.  My primary focus is on helping you stay in the clear after you’ve completed cancer treatment.  The overall approach must be grounded in the best available evidence and tailored to what is known about the biology of the disease.

My background.  Since 1997, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with leading authorities in the field of integrative cancer medicine.  In the course of writing the Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer for W. John Diamond, MD, I interviewed and profiled medical experts worldwide who are using a diverse range of innovative cancer treatments.  Other cancer-related books to which I’ve contributed include Breast Cancer Beyond Convention (Pocket Books 2002), Life Over Cancer by Keith I. Block, MD (Random House 2009), Clinicians’ Complete Reference to Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Mosby Inc., Harcourt Health Sciences 2000), and Essentials of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins 1999).

I also serve as an editor for the peer-reviewed medical journal, Integrative Cancer Therapies (Sage Publications), and as a research associate at the Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Education.  I currently have over 40 scientific articles listed on PubMed, including papers published in the International Journal of Cancer, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Integrative Cancer Therapies, and Cancer Treatment Reviews.

How I can help you.  My role is to educate and guide you on the path to health-promoting lifestyle changes that can ultimately help you improve your health and stay in remission.  Drawing from my extensive research background, clinical consulting work, and experience with nutritional, herbal and mind-body regimens, I will teach you about innovative approaches for sustaining a remission and maintaining excellent vitality, sleep, energy and resilience long after treatment has been completed.   Just as important is helping you become empowered to do what Dr. Larry LeShan called “finding your own song” at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels—that is, your sense of meaning and purpose, your zest for life.


One session, and free follow-up support.  My work is educational and empowering (i.e., not prescriptive or medical advice). During a session, I will offer evidence-informed suggestions on effective strategies that include specific foods and herbal supplements as well as physical care and the mind-body connection.  It will up to you and your physician to decide which strategies to implement.  Many people find that one session coupled with the comprehensive report provides all the information they need for their present purposes.  As part of the consulting process, I work closely with physicians and caregivers to explore strategies for optimizing qualify of life and survivorship.  The fee includes follow-up communications by phone and by email. I am also affiliated with the newly established Holistic Cancer Care Center, part of the Plum Spring Clinic in Chapel Hill, NC.

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